Advanced Reviewers Circle

As a boutique specialty publishing house, Pygaso Productions helps bring to the world stories from new unique writers like MH Snowy.

But we can’t do it alone. We need your help.

Quality feedback prior to publishing is the most important component to any story – it’s also the hardest to get. That’s why we’ve created the Advanced Reviewers Circle – a select group of readers like you that see the first, second, and third drafts. And help mould the story; help bring it to life.

Interested? You don’t need any qualifications other than a passion for good stories. But we warn you: the ARC isn’t for everyone. There are strict guidelines and timelines, but in return you’ll become more than just a reader: you’ll be part of the creative process, one of the artists – and you’ll be able to read a story with pride and say ‘I helped make that!’

To find out if this sounds like you, please contact us here: