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We_Three_Laws_of_Robotics_Are_mediumEnduring. Complicated. Conflicted.

The Three Laws of Robotics. Note the capitals. They’re fundamental. Canonical. Like the Commandments. The epitome of philosophy.

The Three Laws of Robotics. Four if you count the Zeroth law – but I don’t really; it’s too esoteric. And you only need Three Laws for life broken down into its simplest form. If only they worked like they were supposed to…

Bots are part of the world. And your safety is ensured by Three Laws designed, more or less, by Isaac Asimov himself. Until little Ainslee upsets the apple cart and starts an avalanche that will change robots and the world forever.

Jackson is an investigator sent to work out how Ainslee turns state of the art Bots into macaroni. And if he doesn’t do it within 24 hours his friend Drefen, the biggest Bot manufacturer, will be shut down by the Feds. In a race to save his own livelihood, and the family who call him Uncle Andy, Jackson faces a mystery like no other – but can he solve it in time?

We Three Laws – the world is about to change! Out now on Amazon.