Second stop on Jeremy’s Book Tour: Why so serious?

I’m doing a book tour for The 12 Nights of Jeremy Sunson. Here’s my guest post for the third stop on Fabulous and Brunette.

Why so serious?

I’m in the middle of reading one of my favourite YA fantasies. Again.

I’ll do that sometimes. And every time I do it, I’m reminded why they are my favourites.

12NightsCover_mediumYes, they have surprise twists, action and suspense—but, after re-reading once or twice, I remember all of that. Even the best plot couldn’t hold enough interest to be read for the umpteenth time.

So why do I read these stories so many times?

First, there’s no grittiness that I have to look past. No characters that are offensive. And a distinct lack of subversive themes that the author is attempting to jam down my throat.

But none of that is the most important. This is:


The stories that become my favourites are full of fun and laughter. Yes, the hero suffers and struggles to survive verbal slings and arrows, not to mention death itself. But, in between, moments of happiness and humour sparkle; predicaments that make me cackle or even laugh out loud.

In Harms WayThese books remind me why I want to write: with nothing more than a pen, I can bring joy to a reader. And the first reader is always me.

Because of this, while I may not write for myself, I always write what I enjoy. Jeremy, in The 12 Nights of Jeremy Sunson, the most unlikely hero, struggles with life itself, not to mention assassins and Armageddon. Montague the magician-trickster might be a tad sarcastic, but can’t help having fun in his search for the truth that is In Harm’s Way.

Life can be hard. We don’t have to take it. Laugh at the world—laugh at your troubles—and the world is an easier place to survive. A better place.

So pick up your favourite, or let Jeremy and Montague help you settle back and have fun. You’ll find yourself wondering how you can ever be so serious!