Third stop on Jeremy’s tour: why these genres?

I’m doing a book tour for The 12 Nights of Jeremy Sunson. Third stop:  The Reading Addict. Here’s the full text of my guest post.

What is the strongest attraction about the genres you write?

There are many genres. So far I’ve written in a handful, with more to come. My stories meld genres. The 12 Nights of Jeremy Sunson combines science fiction, action, a bit of coming of age drama, tragedy and thriller elements.

We_Three_Laws_of_Robotics_Are_medium Being a short story, We Three Laws of Robotics Are, mixes only science fiction (well, it is about robots) and detection. My first novella In Harm’s Way, described as epic fantasy meets the Truman Show, amalgamates fantasy, myth, action, and a few other genres that I can’t mention until I release more episodes.

I also have half written story ideas that use horror, heists and dystopia.

When I look at it, this is quite a list. My writing boils down to a science fiction or fantasy setting, a main story line (often action or thriller), and supporting elements. All of my stories have elements of comedy, and are solidly YA.

This reflects my personality. I can’t do anything without having fun, and the grittiness of life sends me packing. YA science fiction and fantasy allows exploration of themes in a world where the hero doesn’t get beaten down by the sameness of existence; where excitement and action abound.

In Harms Way

I’m also interested in unusual heroes, and few of my characters meet the common mold. Jeremy Sunson is an accountant on stress-leave, who always thought he lacked in life. Montague, the magician-trickster from In Harm’s Way, is a sarcastic little man whose friend Harm looks the part of a legend, but might impale his foot if he drew his sword. They have to survive by their wits. And they use their wit. Constantly.

The strongest attraction? Enormous fun-filled worlds with constant excitement and humour, where anyone can be heroic and the cleverest survive. And I’m able to philosophise about truth, perception, quirkiness, honour and anything else I feel like. What’s not to like?