The Secret Invasion of George Kranskii

Secret Invasion cover enhanced_mediumWho knew road-rage was really the result of alien possession?

Seventy-two year old George Kranskii is having the rage of a lifetime.  Road rage.  Supermarket rage.  Barber rage.  And he’s not alone.  Around the world rage rules the day and no one knows why.  Except George.  He’s heard the voice in his head and it isn’t because he needs his meds! The angrier he gets, the more George realises that neither the voice nor the rage is his – it belongs to the Idoti, an alien race invading Earth.

But the one thing the Idoti don’t count on is George Kranskii—and that’s a serious mistake!  George is about to show them they’re a day late and a galactic dollar short!

THE SECRET INVASION OF GEORGE KRANSKII is quite possibly the most hilarious account of any invasion in the history of any war – foreign, domestic or galactic!  Read it and laugh your way out of a rage day!

The rage is fake. The invasion is real.

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