The 12 Nights of Jeremy Sunson – BookVettered!

Great news. The 12 Nights of Jeremy Sunson has been BookVettered! What does that mean? Six of my peers agreed Jeremy’s story was worthy. As it’s no mean feat for authors to agree on anything, I’m quite chuffed. You can find their reviews here.

Also, BookVetter recently interviewed me. You can find the interview here, and I’ve copied the full text below.
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Complimentary review copy of my first novella In Harm’s Way!

In Harm’s Way is a stand-alone book, and the first episode of Harm’s story. Check out the description below.

Would you like a complimentary copy? All I ask is that you leave your honest feedback on Amazon as a customer review on Wednesday 01 June 2016 — the day the book comes out.

Interested? Just leave your details here, and I’ll send you a review copy – complimentary!
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And up next we have… robots!

We_Three_Laws_of_Robotics_Are_mediumWe Three Laws of Robotics Are has just been published on Amazon. It’s the first story about Andy Jackson, the worlds first Investigator of Suspectedly Malfunctioning ManufacturedIntelligences. Try that for an acronym. Most people just call him the Tech Tec. You can read more about Andy here.

Andy is sent to work out how little Ainslee is turning state of the art Bots into macaroni. And if he doesn’t do it within 24 hours his friend Drefen, the biggest Bot manufacturer, will be shut down by the Feds. In a race to save his own livelihood, and the family who call him Uncle Andy, Jackson faces a mystery like no other – but can he solve it in time?